28 de marzo de 2011

Hello from Renbukai Kanagawa JAPAN!

Renbukai Kanagawa had board meeting at Ebina on 27 March 2011.
We are doing well. 
But our country is still suffering from disaster.
We don't know what to do, but we are going to support Renbukai Tohoku Group.
We can not go away, we have no choice to fight this tragedy.
Thank you for concern to us and support us.
We love you!

3 comentarios:

Miguel Ratón dijo...

I'm glad you are ok over there.
I'm so sorry about this happening. It would be too much for any country, but I'm certain if there is any prepared to overcome all of this it is Japan. Good luck!

Pablo dijo...

Hello Renbukai family.

I am so sorry for the disaster in your country , but I am happy for see all of you allright.

I hope see you soon and then sing Nihongo and Supeingo songs with all of Renbukai people.

Lot of Kises.

Pablo Freire.

RENBUKAI dijo...

Según comentan nuestros compañeros, la situación del pais Nippon sigue siendo preocupante. El problema nuclear no acaba de definirse y el gobierno japones no parece haber sido muy transparente con sus ciudadanos. Los compañeros de la renbukai de la región de Tohoku han sufrido las consecuencias de la catastrofe en sus casas y sus familias.